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A-Z List of Services


A-Z List of Services

Printing and Services Overview: We offer black & white and color scanning, copying and printing. We also perform a wide range of finishing services to give your printed material a professional look. In addition to printing, we fax, scan to PDF, and design materials for you all at a convenient campus location and at a low price. No job is too big or too small! Please see our price guide for normal printing prices. For more complex printing jobs or for an estimate, please contact usIf you are interested in getting help with layout or design, please see our graphic design section to find out more about what we offer and our pricing. If submitting files online, we prefer PDFs to ensure formatting and font continuity. For complex orders or orders that need re-sizing, we recommend submitting Illustrator, InDesign, or Photoshop documents.


If you have a print order that will take five minutes or less we can often process it for you immediately at our front desk. 

*When printing and scanning portions of books or other printed material, please be aware that StudentPrint is a Fair Use print shop and will only scan one chapter or ten percent of the content, whichever amounts to fewer pages. For more guidelines on printing and scanning, please visit our copyright and licensing compliance section.

Black and White Printing

We can bind any printed material for you, whether you send it in or print it here. Most binding is available in multiple sizes to better accommodate your document. 

Available binding types and prices here.

In addition to standard printing and copying, our printers can manipulate documents to re-size or rotate them to fit your needs. All of our 20 lb white paper is 30% post-consumer recycled paper. We also offer 100% post-consumer recycled paper for an extra $0.01 per sheet. For black and white printing, we can print on any paper we carry.

20lb White & Pastels        8.5x11        11x17        8.5x14    
single-sided                        .07             .11            .09   
double-sided                      .12              .20          .15

60lb Astrobrights 
single-sided                       .09             .13
double-sided                     .14              .22

65lb Astrobrights 
single-sided                       .10
double-sided                     .15

80lb Bright White 
single-sided                       .11
double-sided                     .16

Booklet Printing
Business Cards

We offer standard saddle-stitch booklets in 5.5x8.5" (half-page), 8.5x11" (letter), 5.5x4.25" (quarter), or custom-sized* booklets depending on your needs. Booklets can be printed in black & white, color, or a combination of color and black & white pages. A $5.00 set up fee is charged to each booklet order. When submitting a booklet, the document must be submitted as single pages within one PDF. The pages need to be sized as the final page dimensions. The total amount of pages must be divisible by fourBlank pages may be added to achieve multiples of four (for example, on the inside front or back covers). Please submit your document as a PDF to ensure file preservation and quality. If submitting a document created in InDesign, the pages need to be laid out in the finished print size and in multiples of four. When submitting an InDesign file, please package the file and include a PDF, font files, and related links. 

Please submit your booklet order five days before it is needed. Once a standard booklet proof has been approved, we can guarantee a two business day turnaround for most orders. For high volume orders, more time may be necessary.

*With custom-sized booklets, additional costs (cutting, layout fees, handfolding, etc.) and longer processing time may apply.

If you need help getting your document ready to submit, check out our booklet printing guide. 

Cards may be ordered in multiples of 24 and are printed on our 12x18, 100lb white business card paper (24 cards per page). Color printing on our 12x18, 100lb paper is $2.00 per page. A $5.00 layout and cutting fee is charged to all business card orders, which accounts for specialty layout and cutting on our business card cutter. If you have previously printed business cards with us, the layout charge will be eliminated and instead a $3.00 cutting fee will be applied. 

To choose a card from one of our customizable templates please see the list of available designs lettered A-U here. Please provide your individual information when placing your order (e.g. name, title/department, address, phone, email, etc).

When designing your own cards, they may be formatted either horizontally or vertically, measuring 3.5 x 2 inches. IMPORTANT: keep all important information at least 1/4 inch from all edges. If your design is in full color, please include a 1/10 inch bleed around your document to allow for cutting. See an example of a bleed here. Please submit a PDF of ONE card, formatted to the correct size.


We offer two button sizes, 1 ¼” and 2 ¼”, in four different styles:

  • Basic pin back
  • Magnet
  • Bottle opener
  • Key chain
  • Mirror

When creating button artwork, please submit PDF or jpeg files, formatted to the correct size. An artwork guide for both sizes may be found here. If you need help laying out an image or creating button artwork, please contact our graphic designers.

1.25” basic button                .75/button
1.25” specialty button          $1.00/button
2.25” basic button               $1.00/button
2.25” specialty button         $1.25/button

Our mechanical paper cutter can cut up to 200 sheets of paper per cut and can trim anything down to a specific size according to your desired dimensions.

Machine cut     .50/cut 

*If you have a more complicated order, we can also do hand cutting for a special handling charge of $10.00/hr. 

Color Printing

For color printing, we offer three weights of Hammermill paper: 28, 60, and 80 lb. You can also print on any of our specialty papers. If you have a special request, don't hesitate to come in and talk to us about it! 

                                      8.5x11"        11x17"
Single-sided                 .50              $1.00
Double-sided               $1.00          $2.00

*Based on your needs and the properties of the paper, we will determine if the media you wish to print on is compatible with our printers and if it is acceptable for use. We can print on Avery sticker or label paper if you have the files already laid out. We will not print on envelopes, high-gloss paper, or paper smaller than 8.5x11".

We can fax and receive national and international documents. We also provide customers with a cover sheet to send with their document free of charge. Planning on sending a fax? Download the cover sheet here. 

Outgoing / Incoming 
$1.00/ 1st page US -> .50/additional pages
$2.00/ 1st page International -> $1.00/additional pages

Large Format Printing

We can laminate almost any type of paper, whether you printed it here or not. Please note that your document does not have to match these dimensions exactly and is acceptable as long as it fits within a 2.5x4", 9x11.5" or 11.5x17.5" laminating pouch. 

2x3.5"         .95
8.5x11"        $1.50
11x17"          $2.00

Oversized banners and posters are a great marketing tool for student organizations, useful for class project presentations, trade shows, decoration, and countless other uses. Our HP Designjet printer can print oversized posters and banners up to 42 inches wide and 7 feet long on three paper types:

  • Heavyweight coated                              $8.50/linear foot
  • Semi gloss photo                                    $10/linear foot
  • Full gloss photo                                      $12/linear foot
  • Tyvek (which includes 2 grommets)     $15/linear foot

All printing includes up to four free cuts and a special handling fee of $10/hour is charged for additional cutting. When printing on Tyvek, we offer 2 complimentary grommets per poster. Any additional grommets or grommets on Semi-gloss are $0.50 each. For the highest quality prints, PDFs or jpegs matching the final size of the poster are required. If you require assistance converting your document to a PDF, please see our tips page in Printing FAQ. It is also preferred that files are submitted in the size at which they will be printed. 

*Please note that while the vinyl is waterproof, the ink is NOT and should not be used outdoors. 

Paper Colors
Printing Packages

For black and white printing, we can print on any paper we carry. We offer: 

20 lb pastels, available in 8.5x11”, 8.5x14”, and 11x17”

60 lb Astrobrights available in 8.5x11” and 11x17”

65 lb Astrobrights available in 8.5x11”  

For our paper colors, click here.

StudentPrint offers two different printing packages that take the guess work out of ordering. Our Special Event Package includes a 2'x3' poster, black and white flyers, color flyers, and astrobright quarters. The Recruiting Package has a small and large size and includes a 2'x3' poster, black and white flyers, color flyers, astrobright quarters, and buttons. For more information about packages, sizes and quantities, check out our Printing Package information here, and find the Package Order Form here.  

Special Projects

We can scan and print documents or convert documents into a PDF format. Documents can either be saved to a USB flash drive or emailed to you directly. 

Scan/PDF Conversion                              .05/page 
Scan/PDF Conversion(200+ pages)        $2.00/flat rate 
Hand Scan Fee                                         $1.00/5min 

*When printing and scanning portions of books or other printed material, please be aware that StudentPrint is a Fair Use print shop and will only scan one chapter or ten percent of the content, whichever amounts to fewer pages. For more guidelines on printing and scanning, please visit our copyright and licensing compliance section. 

StudentPrint offers both black & white and color printing for art and fashion portfolios and projects, as well as bound reports for special classes, such as Journalism 366. While we offer special project printing year-round, we are especially busy during finals week and ask that you submit your project for printing as soon as possible to guarantee its completion by your required date. StudentPrint's policy guarantees that an order will be complete withing 2 full working days from the date of submission or proof approval if applicable. Please keep this in mind when printing special projects.